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Blank Dialog boxes for Layer manager, Dimstyle, etc.....

To all, when i type in "layers" to open the layer manager dialog box or when i type in "dimstyle" to open that dialog box all that comes up is a blank dialog box. Has this happened to anyone? If so how do i fix this issue? Thanks


  • It looks like the contents (sub-panels) of your drawing explorer are disabled.  Maybe somehow you closed them accidentally?
    On top of your screenshot I can see the explorer menu did come up properly.  Try opening the view menu, and make sure every available panel is marked enabled.

    You can also try to run BricsCAD with a new profile.
    When running with a new profile, all settings will be reset, including window positions that may have changed accidentally.
    To create a new profile, open the profile manager using the PROFILEMANAGER command.
    Then create a new profile, set it as current and hit start in the profile manager (or close BricsCAD and restart).

    If that does not help, please enter a support request.

  •  I will definitely give that a shot. Thank you very much for your help!
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