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Mirrored blocks fill changes color

Hi All

Can anybody help please. On my v13 (I have 16.2 installed ready to migrate) block inserts with fill colors eg polylines and regions change color when you mirror them
ie normal insertion appears as it should, mirrored insertions change. It seems to be a darker version of the original color. Refedit and change color of the original
insertion produces same effect.  For an urgent project I have just exploded the mirrored blocks.....not elegant but it works for now.Thanks for any advice one of you gurus can give please!

Cheers Ken Taylor


  • Hi Ken,

    Can you clarify. Is the issue with V13, or V16? Assuming it's with V13, then have you tried carrying out the same task in V16? Potentially its an issue with V13 that was resolved in subsequent releases. If the issue is with V16 (or still present), then I would raise a support request and attach the files that illustrate your issue.

    Jason Bourhill

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