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Bend Reliefs


Does anyone know how to take out bend reliefs from being created in the system? Every time I create bends on a sheet metal part, bend reliefs are created along bends where a cut is being made. For my purposes, I would like those bend reliefs to not be there. When the bend relief width value is change to 0 and then the metal rebent, the reliefs are still created at a small size. Is there any way to completely eliminate this feature from being created? Thanks for the help!



  •  Hello Zach,

    Did you mean the new flange position (inside/outside)?
    I set zero bend relief size and created two flanges + I Push/ Pulled the right flange outside to thickness*2.
    Which result do you expect?

  •  Hi Ilya,

    Basically I dont want the small cut in the material to be there. The first photo is the unbent part, the second will show the small cut out that is made as the bend relief. However I would rather that cut not be there, and look something like the third photo. I just dissolved the bend relief and pull the face down to eliminate the cut. This would be very inefficient if I had to do it for every bend every time I bend a part. Thanks for your help. 

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