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Transparency during move and rotate

I have a block that is used as an overlay that I'd like to use transparency on so that different parts of the block have different transparent colors.  The concept is similar to the green and blue transparent colors used with selection boxes.  I have found that the INSERT, MOVE, and ROTATE commands do not maintain the transparency settings while the command is active.  It is quite unpleasant to have a block with RED, YELLOW, and GREEN at 85% transparency change to 0% transparency during a move or rotate.  Is there a setting that I'm missing?  I can code around this by having a block with muted colors (ie., color 18 [RGB 76,0,0] instead of color 1 [RGB 255,0,0] replace a block with transparency during commands, but that will require either reactors or redefining several commands.  Having transparency preserved during commands would be a far better option.
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