BricsCAD crashes when moving large pieces of Mtext

Almost every time I move a large amount of multi-line text (say a very large paragraph or several paragraphs of general notes), BricsCad crashes with no warning.  If I zoom in very close, it happens less, but when I'm zoomed out to see all the text, it crashes almost every time on multiple drawings.  I'm using BricsCad 16.2.10 on a late 2015 mac with OS 10.11.6, 8GB memory, 3.3ghz intel core i5 processor and AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB graphics card with very little on the hard drive so far.  I didn't notice this on my previous version of BricsCad on an older computer, nor has it been a problem using Autocad in the past on older computers.

Are others experiencing this?  Is it exclusive to BricsCad for Mac or perhaps my graphics card?  Thanks. 


  • yep, got that problem also.  Reported it as a bug issue.  Consequently developed a habit of saving just before I make those moves, which includes large blocks and xrefs.  Suggest you open a support request to emphasize the problem with the developer team.
  •  Thanks for confirming I'm not the only one with this problem, Jeff.  A support request has been entered.
  • I'm happy to report this issue appears to be solved in BricsCAD R17 (I noticed they listed this as one of the fixes for this release too). So far, BricsCAD R17 has not crashed while moving text or drawing entities, though I still try to remember to save often, regardless! Thanks to the Bricsys staff for ironing out this bug!

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