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keyboard shortcut for AI_MOLC

Hi all!

I'm new to BricsCAD, was using AutoCAD for about 11 years, and am trying to set up my keyboard shortcuts the way I like them.

Mostly it's been going okay, but I've hit a wall with setting it up so that when I hit "A" it triggers the AI_MOLC command.  That's the command that allows you to click on a layer and make that layer the current one.  Saves me a ton of time.

I've gone to the customize toolbar and for some reason AI_MOLC isn't available as a command there.  It works on the command line, though.

I tried creating a shell, but that didn't work (don't know if it should).

Finally I modified the default.pgp file with the command in there, and that hasn't done anything.


-- Dave


  • if you customize the Menufile while using the customice entry on the contextmenu by clicking right on an Menuicon, the Dialog rises.
    Swiching to the Command Aliases Section and add an new command Using A for the Alias and AI_MOLC for the command. If the command already exists, it will be overwritten. ready, go!

  • @David,

    Isn't this the same command as LAYMCUR; if so that is in the list of commands aliases.


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