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Bricscad equivalent to DYN override #

AutoCAD has a keyboard shortcut to override relative coordinates.  For example #75,50 is an absolute coordinate.  This does not work seem to work in Briscad.  Is there an equivalent shortcut?



  • Perfect !!

    Thanks !!

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    Unfortunately that does not seem to work for me on Mac !?
    Or because of german Keyboard (?)

  • @Michael Mayer:
    You can verify with f.e. the _Line command if this is a keyboard issue.

  • Yes I was successful with a few older Tools,
    like Cube or Line Tool.

    Are there any replacements or syntax when you want to move in one Axis only ?

  • You can work with point filters.

    : _MOVE
    Select entities to move: 
    Entities in set: 1
    Select entities to move: 
    Enter base point: <Displacement>: 
    Enter second point: <ENTER to use base point as displacement>: .xy
    Select xy of: @
    Still need Z of: 
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    Actually '*' is not equivalent to '#'. If you use '*' the point is expressed in absolute coordinates in the WCS, not the current UCS as with AutoCAD's '#'.

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    @Michael Mayer said:

    Are there any replacements or syntax when you want to move in one Axis only ?

    So far for me * works as "*0,0,42" input by giving X+Y+Z.

    But if you want to go to 1 Axis only like going to a specific Z value and would
    have YX movement options at that point, but may not even know X and Y,
    is there a way to input in a way that the other Axes won't change ?

    *,,42 is ignored as far as I see (?)
    Is there any other way to do that , like
    *Z=42 or similar ?

    And is there something for Direct Modeling, like when BIM dragging a
    orthogonal Wall in Y direction, instead of a distance input, to write something
    like WORLD Y=> 42 ? Or for a Slab, Absolute Z=>42 ?

  • As already mentioned: use point filters.

    For Direct Modeling operations such as _BimDrag and _DmPushPull there is no problem if the point you want to reference is a snappable point on an entity. In that case just snapping it will work. If however you enter coordinates, the point is interpreted as a screen coordinate and the result will vary depending on the point clicked to select the face and the current DCS (display coordinate system). Weird behavior and IMO a bug.

    But using point filter you can enter coordinates for DM operations. In your example you would need the enter .y followed by 0,42 and for the xz component snap to an existing corner of the face.

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    Ah sorry, what is the
    component in front of my 42 ?
    Are you at my Wall-in-Y example or was your example for the Slab-in-Z movement ?

    mean that the following input will be meant as Y value only or
    that Y value should be untouched ?

    That would be interesting for a Tool like Move Tool (3 directions)
    where you can't input 0,0,42 if you want to keep X+Y but just move to
    a specific Z.
    Other Tools that work in 1 current direction only should recognize a single
    world (*) value - as long as it points parallel to an Axis direction - being valid for
    that specific Axis.

    I just want to read and check an Objects position
    and being able to edit it numerically to the correct value,
    when I saw that it was off location.
    (Pre Bricscad I did that by Property Panels and such things in one go)

    And I thought a World Coordinate Input option could give me a workaround to just force things to proper locations.
    A workaround that is easier than currently activating Line Tool, DYNDIM OFF,
    snapping and reading Staus Bar, doing some math and then finally Move Tool
    by a relative input.
    (I know there is also a "Get coordinates of Point" Tool somewhere for readout)

  • @Michael Mayer:
    .y means use the y component of the next point. You then have to select or enter a point. In the wall example only the y coordinate of that point is relevant so 0,42 can be used. But any value will do for the x coordinate.

  • Thanks a lot Roy,
    I think I got the Filter now. So input :

    any number, any number, Z value

    (With redundant other Axes placeholders still needed)

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