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Docking toolbars on the right side of the screen

I've tried to dock three toolbars on the right side of the screen but have not been successful.  The CUI is imported from Windows, where it works perfectly.  I don't see anything in te CUI file that looks wrong.  I've tried the settings in the Toolbar section of the CUI editor without success.  What I see is one toolbar that will dock, one that will only show horizontal instead of vertical and will not dock at all, and one the appears to dock but far below the visible screen.  Trying to drag toolbars to dock on the sides also does not work well.

My hope is to have identical user interfaces in Windows and Linux Mint.


  • More:  the errant toolbars are in a partial cui file.  The partial cui shows the three toolbars to be docked right.  It looks like Bricscad overrides those settings and adds settings in the  default.cui file, which is set as the main cui file.  The entries in default.cui show one toolbar docked, one floating in the middle of the screen, and one docked very, very far off the screen.  This is in a 2D workspace.

    I have tried editing the added settings in the default cui file to dock the toolbars on the right but when I restart Bricscad the program rewrites the entries in default.cui so that those toolbars are exactly the same way as they were before my edits.  The formatting for the entries in default.cui is inconsistent with the surrounding formatting so it is clear that Bricscad has made changes.  I find no files that appear to be associated with Bricscad that have an updated time stamp other than in default.cui file.  The default(linux).cui file and compact.cui file in the support folder are not changed, nor is the default.cui file in the user data cache.  The partial cui is also not changed.
    I can't come up with a nice way to say this, but it seems really strange that something this basic is broken, and has been broken for several years based on posts in the forum.
  • I do not have BricsCAD for Linux installed, so this is untested:
    1. Copy the default.cui from the data cache folder to a backup location.
    2. Copy your modified default.cui to the data cache folder.
    3. Start BC.
    4. Use _Customize > Revert to defaults...

    Keep in mind that BC for Linux stores data in an emulated registry.

  • Thanks, Roy.  I got this mostly working by creating a new workspace.  I can't make anything stick on the right in the 2D workspace.  Even in the new workspace I can't get toolbar order on the right to be what it should be -- the toolbars are reversed and nothing I've tried has let me change the docking order.  Maybe when V17 for Linux is released.....  
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