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Arbitrary zoom in/out and panning while picking points during a command

Hi everybody.

Just switched to ver. 16.2.18 revision 46383 under Linux Mint 18.1 (4.4.0-57-generic) from a similar setup (Linux Mint 17.3, 16.X.XX version of Brickscad).

I am noticing arbitrary zoom in/out and panning while picking points during a command. Minor artifacts (e.g. lines) may also appear some of the times.

Has anybody else faced this problem?


  • Seems like a replot/regen problem after all.
    It is done in an arbitrary and rather broken way while picking points during a command on Brickscad ver. 16.2.18 revision 46383 under Linux Mint 18.1 (4.4.0-57-generic) on Intel integrated graphics.
  • Yes, I have the same problem. Unfortunately, I started using a new computer and new operating system (from Linux Mint DE to Linux Mint 18.1) at the same time as I did the version upgrade, so I can't be certain the problem is with Bricscad rather than the new computer or new OS. I do not notice any display problems with any other software though.
  •  Forgot to mention, also using Bricscad Version 16.2.18 revision 46383.
  • The problem went finally away by setting GL SWAP Mode from [2] to [0].
    I hope this helps others who face a similar issue.
  • Fotios ! opensuse leap 42.2, Mageia 5.1 - Thank you, it works perfectly now. See attachment.
  • I have the same problem running either BricsCAD 16 or the newly installed version 17. My system in a 3 year old laptop, i-5, 64-bit, quad with Linux Mint 18.1 installed.
    The issue:
    When I am in the middle of a command and need to zoom-in to pick a point using snap, almost every time the display goes wild, jumping to some random degree of zoom, sometimes the whole screen display becomes a mosaic of colors or a few lines appear briefly, until I scroll the mouse wheel. I have to scroll back and forth a few times to get the display to settle down so I can pick the point/object I am seeking. It doesn't matter what command I am in. It happens if I am drawing a line, creating a dimension, or other commands. It seems to mainly happen in the midst of a transparent zoom or pan, though it sometimes happens as soon as I enter the command, before I pick the first point of a command requiring a minimum of two points.

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