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Parallelization - multi-threading

As most computers today support multi-threading, I am intrigued by this non-descript setting.  I have experimented with it turned off and on and Bricsys appears to use all cores either way, so is the option useless or what does it actually do?  With the setting on, Bricscad seems to be slightly faster when working with extremely large drawings opened with multiple tabs, but i don't see a difference in the number of threads processing.

Does this setting actually do anything?
When should it be turned on or off?
What are the disadvantages to having it turned on?

Hoping someone has more info than the help file..


  • Hi Sven,

    Are you referring to the MTFLAGS setting? If so, it multi-threads DWG loading and regeneration.
    Remember, CAD is very single-threaded... there's only so much that we can do today.
    The downside of MTFLAGS == 7 can occur when you are running third-party apps; if you're not, you should be fine.
    On my dual-Xenon HP, with 12 cores and 24 logical processors, I generally get 4.x% utilization, i.e., (1/24).


  • Yes, thanks Don, I did not specify the max number of threads and left the default"0", i chose to check each "Parallelized" box which apparently allows Bricscad to allocate the threads. I noticed on our Acad machines that many more threads are being utilized, so I wanted some clarification on how this switch worked.

    Thank you!

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