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Sheet Metal Parametric

Hi all together,
i have to draw and unfold 5 SheetMetal Part's with 4 Bends on every side. The only difference is the Length.
So if it is possible i would like to draw this part only one time.
Is there any idea to make this part parametric. other idea's are welcome as well.
Thanks in advance


  • Why not simply use the DmMove command? With DmMove you can move faces of a solid thereby stretching it. You can use a window to select multiple faces.

  • Dear Peter,

    Could you please share the part(s) you want to parametrize? May be we'll be able to find solution with constraining. Of course, for further discussion it is better to open Support Request.

    Best regards,
    Egor Ermolin, Bricsys Sheet Metal Team

  • Hi,
    and sorry for being that late.
    I will try the DmMove command, otherwise i open a SupportRequest.
    Thanks a lot

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