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How to revocer Component Properties Pane in Mechanical Browser?

Hi. In V17.1.17, Component Properties Pane in Mechanical Browser (lower part of MB) is lost. I remember it used to be shown in the first place, but after I uninstall/install V17 several times (due to non-technical reasons), now I cannot recover it no matter how I tried.... As it is not shown in V17, I cannot specify a bend table.

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Best Answer

  • Please try to install V17.1.19 and use Alt+ArrowUp/Alt+ArrowDown keys to move the mechanical browser splitter position.


  • Most likely the dividing bar is right down at the bottom, where you can miss it against the bottom of the frame of the palette. If you resize the palette the dividing bar should become visible, and you can drag it up.

    The same can happen when working with the Render Materials Browser.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

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  • Hi Jason, thank you very much for your reply. However, that's what I checked at first.... I cannot find any border even if I scroll down to the bottom or undock Mechanical Browser. I checked all probable settings also re-installed V17 a few times but could not find a way....

    I also tried to add a parameter (such as distance) of 3D constraining but it still does not show anything at the bottom. V16 seems to be more stable on this.

    In my registry, it is true that it is a kind of mess because I installed many versions of BricsCAD, so all are still there. Do I need to consolidate it?

  • Hi Ilya, thank you so much for your answer. It worked! Now I can specify bend table for a single unit of Sheet Metal. Thanks again!

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