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How to make hyperlinks mobile/transferrable

I have numerous geotagged images that I would like to display through BricsCAD using hyperlinks.
I have each image location identified with the image name (geographically correct) in a dwg file
I want to create a hyperlink from each icon (image name) to each image
I have worked out how to do this manually but it is very time consuming, there must be a more automated way.
Any suggestions?

I then need to deliver the dwg and hyperlinked images to a client, the path remains as it was when originally hyperlinked.
I thought if I open the dwg on a different computer (that does not have access to the original file location) I could update the new relative pathway using the command HYPERLINKBASE and it would find the image file itself. This does not work how I think it should.

Any suggestions of how to achieve my objective?


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    I confirm your issue with the HYPERLINKBASE variable. It appears not to be used at all (V16). Instead the start-up folder is used. So for relative hyperlinks to work you have to start BC by double-clicking a dwg in the correct folder. This is not the expected behavior for relative paths. You should send in an SR.

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    To make BC use the folder of the current dwg as the base for hyperlinks this Lisp code can be used:
    (if (= 1 (getvar 'dwgtitled)) (vl-setcurrentdir (getvar 'dwgprefix)))

  • I have created a small program BKG_MakePathsRelative to convert the paths of xrefs, PDFs, images and hyperlinks to relative paths (freeware).

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