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Civil 3D

I've been searching the forums and see where it seems possible to view Civil 3D drawings in Bricscad(currently using current version of V16 in Mint 17.3). The drawings load properly but I have no visual beyond the geomarker in model space. I can see/edit title block and info created in Paperspace. When I attempt to draw in Modelspace the line disappears through appears to be functioning properly. I do not have access to the Civil 3D package and am relying on a 3rd party to provide me with proper drawings and/or exports? Any help is appreciated.


  • Looks like Civil 3D V17 isn't even compatible with earlier versions of Civil 3D (is not backward compatible with earlier versions). Could be the only way other than opening with Civil 3D-V17 is a export to dwg/dxf/dgn.

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