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calculating radius (sightline) tool

Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a tool that would calculate the radius of any given point on a spline then give a visual output based on a range between a straight line and a minimum radius?
To put into context, I am looking for a relatively easy to use tool that would aid mapping where to place temporary traffic signs with regards to meeting minimum sightline requirements.
Would appreciate any thoughts.


  • you can calculate the radius also out of 3 given Points. Getting the points would be possible to one given Point and than using the vlax-curve-getpointatdist methode to calculate the other 2 Points bevore and after the given Point.


  • Thank you for your input martin.
    If at all possible I'm looking for something that could output multiple radius along the whole length of the spline or path.
    The problem I am trying to solve is the signing of temporary lane closures at road works.
    The signs in advance of the lane closure must be at set distances before the lane closure. The taper closing the lane must be at a location that meets minimum sightline requirements for approaching traffic.
    The issue I am trying to solve is that although a suitable location is sought for the taper, works vehicles are being hit by other vehicles whilst putting out the signs because the position of the sign Si relative to the position of the taper. Unfortunately few roads are straight.
    By being able to calculate the radius of each point on a given stretch of road we would be able to move the whole layout forwards or backwards to find the point at which each fixed point has the maximum visibility.
    To perform this manually at each point would be to time consuming and difficult to identify the optimum position.
    a solution to this will give works managers a way of improving the safety of there workers and the public without being too time consuming to be practical to use.
    Please feel free to offer up any suggestions on another way the problem could be solved.

  • I'm sure there is an possibility to create such an tool for easy checking different points, but therfore its neccesary to see an excample drawing with some Steps how to solve this manualy. Then i can do it automaticly.
    I think nobody hav such an Tool in its pocket. This must be developed for you and your situation only.
    Here are some well developer arround. Maybe you can ask for an offer.

    Regards Martin

  • Thank you again for your input martin but i think i could solve this easier from a different angle.
    After looking at the problem again I've now came to the realisation that a minimum sightline always being a given length and straight is the same as a swept path of a vehicle traveling through a fixed curve, just over a longer length. Therefore existing swept path tools could be adapted to show a sightline.
    Eureka moment ☺

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