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Highlighting and PLINE width settings not working

I'm using the latest version (17.1.19) and have generally used the same settings for years. I am using Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.

Today for some reason two odd things started happening (at that time I was using version 17.1.17 but I had not upgraded recently). This seemed to start out of nowhere with no change to anything that I am aware of. I upgraded to 17.1.19 and restarted my computer, but still these things are happening.

First, polylines with a thickness greater than zero are not filled but are shown as outlines. If I go to Setttings > Drawing > Drafting > Display/Viewing > Drawing Display > Fill Mode then that box is checked, which should produce filled polyline widths, right? Also if I set FILLMODE to 1 from the command line, that should do it, right? But neither has any effect -- polylines are unfilled.

At the same time (I think) the HIGHLIGHT behavior of selected objects changed. Before I always had this where the "stipple line" effect was how highlighting was shown. Now the line turns a blue color instead. This appears to be in Settings > Program Options > Display > Selection Highlight Style. I can change this to Stipple or whatever, but the effect on the screen is always to change to the blue color.

I can turn off highlighting in settings and it does turn off. But turning it on only produces this blue color.

The strange thing about this is that the change occurred when I was just working, not when upgrading or anything. As far as I know I did not change any setting, but perhaps I did somehow.

Bricscad did crash for some reason about this time (not sure if it was exactly when this happened though).

Is there some setting I am not seeing that controls these things?


  • Ok, now I realized this happens only in one drawing but not in others. Could there be some setting in one drawing that would override what is in the Settings dialog box?

    I will submit a support request if this sounds like a bug.

  • Hi John,

    • Check what visual style your using, this can change how objects are highlighted when selecting. I assume you would want 2dWireframe.
    • Check that you are in the PLAN view. If you aren't, then your polyline and other objects can display without fill with some visual styles such as 2dWireframe.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • You got it ! Turns out it was Rendering Mode set to Hide instead of Modeling. I must have set that by mistake somehow before.

    Thank you.

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