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Attribute with background problem

Hi all,
i've created an attribut with a background using multiline text. When defining and using this block everything is just fine.
When reopening the drawing the background doesn't work anymore.
Is it a bug or have i done something wrong?

1399 x 746 - 87K
1411 x 760 - 89K

Best Answer

  • When i open the attribute you have activated "use drawing background color". if you deactivate it and choose a color of your own it works.

    Be sure the do "attsync" on the block to see the changes.


  • Ofcourse i did this before ....
    It doesn't matter, wether i define a fix background like red or (what i would like) byblock. When defining i am setting "boundary distance" (Grenzen Abstand Faktor) from standard 1.5 to 1.1
    After reopening this faktor is set to 1.5 again and "use background colour" (Zeichnungs Hintergrund Farbe) is activated !
    What's wrong here ??

  • I'm using 17.1.17 (x64) Revision 46704

  • Just tried it. I cant reproduce the problem, but i am using v16. So maybe someone who has v17?
    Otherwise you can file a support request.

  • I just did a final test by opening the dwg with bricscads default-userprofil (without individual configuration / expresstools ....) - same result.

    Could somebody with V17 please test, if he gets background at the attribs like shown in AttBackSave.jpg

    Thanks a lot


  • Just opened a support request and got the confirmation that it is a bug in V17

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