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When I print a layout (I think thats the word in english, in spanish is presentación) that comes from autocad at the moment of printing the map its moved. when I do a layout in bricscad and open it in autocad it does the same thing to the opposite side (moves it to the right instead of to the left). I haved tried with different pdf printers. Forgive my English, its been a long time without writing in English.


  • Please provide the file so we can have a look.

  • I leave here a file. When you see the layout everything its fine, but when you print a pdf the map moves to the left. thanks for the attention.

    Es Bec.dwg
  • You are using PDF24 as Printer. I dont have that. But i tried with the standard Adobe PDF and PDFCreator and both of them come out right.
    Have you tried exporting the layout instead of printing? What happens then?

  • To create a PDF you can also use the Publish command and choose 'PDF' from the 'Publish to' option.

  • Thanks for your answers. When I publish to pdf the the pdf its also moved to the left, when I export the layout to pdf it does an empty pdf. Is it my computer or its the configuration of bricscad.

  • edited March 2017

    If you are referring to the unsymmetrical margins:

    This is caused by the position of the border in paper space:
    Page A3: X=420 Y=297
    Dimensions of border: X=384 Y=270
    Bottom left point of border: X=14.90 Y=10.35
    Plot offset: X=0 Y=0

    The margins therefore are:
    Top: 16.65
    Right: 21.1
    Bottom: 10.35
    Left: 14.90

    For symmetrical margins the bottom left point of the border must be:
    X=18 Y=13.5

  • I think i dont understand. In the layout the rectangle its centered, with a margin of 14.90 left and right. in autocad it doesnt move when i do the pdf. do i have to change the configuration on bricscad?

    also i dont know why export to pdf the file its empty with no drawing. thanks again.

  • i begin to understand, can i change the dimension of the border? why is centered in autocad but it isnt in bricscad? thanks

  • By 'border' I mean the outermost edge of the entities in paper space. I assume that you have created these and therefore know how to change them.

    I don't have an AutoCAD license and therefore cannot comment on that program. But my current understanding is that BricsCAD prints the file correctly.

  • I know what is a border, what i dont know is how to change it. What i created is a layout where i choose the printer and the paper, but in no moment i choose the border so i dont know how or where to change it. Anyway still there is something i dont understand, you say that bricscad prints the file correctly, but it doesnt make much sense to me that the drawing is centered in paper space but not centered in pdf. thanks

  • ok i go on understanding things. When i create the layout, with pdf24 the borders are not centered (dont know why is different in autocad), i guess i should change borders in pdf 24, am i correct?

  • Ok now i think i get it. when i change from my friends autocad to my bricscad the margins change, and the origin of coordinates in the paper space its in the margin (bottom left) so if the margin changes all the drawing changes. Correct? So i just have to center the drawing in my computer and my friend has to change the margin or center the impresion or whatever, not my problem, and no way to do it otherwise, correct? Thank you all

  • You are right: the paper space origin matches the bottom left point of the printable area (Plot area: Layout; Plot offset: X=0 Y=0). I failed to consider this in one of my previous posts.

    But there seems to be something strange with your drawing.

    My test:

    1. I have installed PDF24 (pdf24-creator-8.1.0.exe).
    2. I open the drawing and see that the printable area is smaller than the page. Which is strange for a PDF printer.
    3. When I look at the print preview there seems to be an issue with the margins (see image).
    4. However when I actually print the layout the non-printable margins disappear.
    5. Even right clicking the layout tab, choosing 'Page setup' and just pressing OK will reset the margins to zero.

    I do not understand why you have a smaller printable area.

    The best solution to your problem is probably:
    Plot area: Window
    Plot offset: Center on page

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