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Slow video performance with Bricscad Pro

I have an i7-2600, 3.4 GHz, 8 gigs of ram computer. I am running a Quadro K600 video card. When I use certain commands, copy, push pull, etc, the video the screen responds very slowly, In x-ray, zooming and panning is very slow. My AntiAliasScreen is set to 2 or3. When I use setting 1 it is much improved but the screen looks terrible. I checked the video card usage and it is nearly 100%. I checked the cpu usage and it is 10% to 20%. It is pretty much unusable in the X-ray visual style mode which is very disappointing because I really would like to use that. I have messed around with many different settings and probably have it all wrong now. I have tried some different settings in the Nvidia control panel as well.

Thanks for your time,


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