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Link Parameters (e.g. excel)

Try to find a possibility to link parameters to a part or assembly.
A possibility to link an excel file (or something else) which defines parameters in parts.
I knew this from inventor. A fine and really helpful feature.

Thanks for any tip, tip for a workaround ...



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    If by 'linking parameters' you mean some sort of lookup table then a simple Lisp-based solution can work. See the attached (very basic) sample.

    I hope, and assume, that such a feature will one day become part of BricsCAD's Parametric Components.

  • Roy, sorry for my late reply,
    thank you for your try.
    Cannot verify your answer in detail, cause i have no Bricscad-license at this time. I am in preparation for testing in detail for my needs, then i try your proposal and let you know. (only 30 days of testing left for me)

    My needs are 2D-plant construction, 3D with sheet metal with the possibility of variation-construction. And for the variation-construction it is really helpful to a have the possibility to calculate parameters in (e.g.) excel, linked with the CAD system.
    The parameters, calculated in excel define the measurements in the part and assembly files that are linked with this source excel-file. Of course excel is no requirement, can be another spreadsheet program.

    hope my description is halfway understandable ...?

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