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Very minor issue, but I miss the way the old board used to give us e-mail notification of the subscribed thread, which included the text of the new posting. Mostly, because if I am away from my computer, I may just check e-mail. If the thread has an active discussion, then it may, or may not, warrant me logging in for a response.



  • In the personal notifications area links are provided to the discussion. But, they are not revealed to be links (i.e. underlining) until you hover over them. I only discovered this by accident and for a while I was just browsing back to the forum, and looking up the topic manually.

    I realize that the text looks nicer if it is not underlined. But, it is standard that a linked portion of a text message should be underlined or at least another color. Requiring the user to move their mouse over text to hunt for any links is not best practice.

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