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Optimization of 64-bit memory usage

Dear all,

I am running Bricscad V16 on a Windows10 System with 32GB RAM and an NVIDIA Quadro M620. My current drawing contains 25 XREF-files with a total size of roughly 50MB. My environment variables are set as follows:


The memory usage of the process stays at roundabout 2,5MB of RAM. Usage of the software is awfully slough and impossible to work with. I have set REGENMODE=OFF in order to speed things up, but all in vain. The machine has still 75% of unused RAM. Please advise on how I may tell Bricscad to use these roughly 24MB of free RAM.

Best regards



  • Hello Sebastian,

    improving BricsCAD performance is a permanently ongoing task.
    For V18 this will be no different. Making more use of ample available RAM in recent machines is one of the things we are working on.
    Another topic we're working on concerns improving the efficiency of handling files with many xrefs attached.

    It would be helpful if you could file a support request and attach an etransmit-zip of the set of drawings you referred to in this post: it will allow us to detect bottlenecks and address them, thus making BricsCAD a more enjoyable application for you and colleague users.

    Best regards,

  • Hello Hans,

    thanks for the answer. I have done so.

    Best regards


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