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How do BricsCAD users place 'named views' from other drawings onto the active drawing?

While working to migrate from AutoCAD to BricsCAD it seems there is no way to drag a named view from one drawing file to another with BricsCAD like can be done in AutoCAD.
This capability exist in AutoCAD under the Sheetset manager 'Model Views' tab. This is where one can see all the named views in all the drawing files located in a specified directory.
AutoCAD users are able to select any named view from another drawing and drag it on to a paperspace layout in the active drawing and then scale it before placing.
Is there any sort of comparable features/functions within BricsCAD?


  • You can use the PLACEVIEW command for this. This feature is also accessible from the content browser.

    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts

  • Thank you Jason for bridging the gap with the Content Viewer and PlaceView command.
    I'm experiencing an error when working with both, so I'll enter this as a support ticket.
    But it's exactly what I was looking for...thanks again.

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