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It's about the DCL language is because there is an improvement as I pass with Autolisp, because they do not update it.

On the topic how can I improve the dialog box, which program VB6 or net
O Open Dcl


  • @mecatall300 said:
    as I pass with Autolisp, because they do not update it.

    What do you mean? Do you want to move away from Lisp?

  • I do not say that the DCL language has not changed the dialog boxes and I do not know why and in order to improve them I have to use other languages, and I would like to know if BricsCAD

  • edited March 2017

    For an overview of BricsCAD features (including supported APIs):

    To use OpenDCL you need BricsCAD Pro or Platinum.

  • If all this I already know, what I do not understand because dcl have not worsened when it takes with us many years. It's just a query and it would be nice if BricsCAD improved it a bit. I think it's not very difficult.

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