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Viewupdate not working

I have a generated view of my 3d object. I add a beam to my object and tried "viewupdate" (as given in: when I hit enter, bricscad is working on them (according to the messages given below).

However, the view has not been updated. What is going wrong?!


  • Viewupdate is needed only if VIEWUPDATEAUTO = 0, otherwise drawing views are updated automatically when the source 3D solids are modified. If the views are not updated correctly, please file a support request and add the drawing you are having this problem with.

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    Perhaps the OP failed to choose the 'Entire model' option of the _ViewBase command.

  • Yes, please check what Roy suggests. If you select solids manually in the ViewBase command, solids added later will not appear in the generated drawing views.

  • @Roy Klein Gebbinck said:
    Perhaps the OP failed to choose the 'Entire model' option of the _ViewBase command.

    That is true, I selected one object in my drawing to the view. Not the entire model

    so you suggest to make for every 3d object a different drawing?

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    It depends on what you want: if the drawing is supposed to be a single model, composed of separate solids, choose the 'Entire Model' option of the ViewBase command. If the drawing contains multiple models, you can create separate drawing sets for each model by selecting the solids of each model in the ViewBase command. In this case you must restart the drawing generating process when you add a solid to a model. As long as you edit the solids, there is no problem.

  • If you want to add an object to an existent view - call VIEWEDIT command, choose the view and click on the select option. After an automatic switch to modelspace select additional objects, you want to see it the drawing view.

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