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How to use standard-plotstyle for PDF export?

The PDF export option is much faster then to use printing as...
But i found no possibility to configure the right plotstyle. i cant use the standard, which is used by pdf export.
A further problem is, that the pdf export does not use the complete size of an A4 Page.

Any Ideas?


  • "PDF Export" is only faster than printing, when the export resolution is set very low. I get very grainy PDF's until I set the resolution to at least 1200 DPI. That improves the print quality, but slows the export to a crawl - just as slow as using either of my installed print drivers, which are also set to 1200DPI. As for using an A4 page... I believe the paper size settings you select in the print dialog are used by PDF Export.

    You may find that installing a different PDF print driver may correct your problem with PDF Exports or normal printing to PDF's. However, I have found the results from driver to driver to be very inconsistent.

  • I use PdfCreator, with resolution set to 600 dpi, and printing seems pretty quick to me. That resolution only applies to attached images in the dwg file. Everything else goes into the pdf file as vector graphics, with infinite resolution.

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