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Custom Bim classes

Is there a way to define custom BIM classes?

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    No, but there are ways you sort of still can. At the current moment there is only 21 BIM data types. You can access the first 7 by using the command BIMCLASSIFY in the command line. You will get 10 options to choose from, 7 of those choices being BIM classifications.

    • [Wall/Column/Slab/Beam/wIndow/Door/building Element/Other/Auto/Unclassify]

    If you type or select other you can choose from 14 additional options.
    You will need commandline enabled to see the options. To enable commandline press (Shift+F2)

    Classify entities as [Wall/Column/Slab/Beam/wIndow/Door/building Element/Other/Auto/Unclassify]:other
    Other BIM Data types:
    1. Covering
    2. CurtainWall
    3. FlowTerminal
    4. Footing
    5. FurnishingElement
    6. Member
    7. Pile
    8. Railing
    9. Ramp
    10. RampFlight
    11. Roof
    12. Site
    13. Stair
    14. StairFlight
    Enter BIM data type number:

    If you feel that the BIM Data class you wanted didn't exists, there is a lot of definers you can use to sort entities. layers, name, description, composition, ifc fields, There is probably a way to add more but I'm not sure how at the moment.

    I typically use the description field to classify something a bit more. Just make sure your CST(Configurate Structure tree is setup right). I will usually sort something under BIM Description if it doesn't really fit in any of the BIM DATA types. Make sure you move it up the tree.



    Also backup your bim.cst file before modifying it! It's sort of a pain to put it back to factory defaults if you mess something up.

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