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Export to 3D PDF

Greetings from first time poster.
I'm trying to export a 3D PDF file from a 9Mb DWG file.
A third party did the same by converting to DGN then exporting to 3D PDF from Microstation.
Their 3D PDF file is about 2.1Mb
When I exported from BricsCAD communicator with the default settings, my file was 21Mb.
I fiddled with the settings, knocking all of the DPI settings from 300 to 76 & my new file was 22Mb (!)
Can anybody here advise me which settings to adjust in order to reduce my file size by 90%?


  • Hmmm.
    That sinking feeling you get when you realise you've shelled out for the wrong software. :(

  • I did a quick search and found that there are some 3rd party programs that can do the conversion. Some are online, and you pay per drawing.

    I have not used any of them but here is a paid one I found,

    And here is a free online one.

    As with anything online, you might want to be careful what you are doing. Sometimes they try to sneak another program as a download. Even the big companies, like Adobe does this constantly.


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