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Layout + Colors

at first, i draw on an Withe Background in Layout Mode.
Trying the ColorFeatures with SheetMetal, no luck, only the bends are coloured. Relieves and so on stay as they are,
Then i play wih the SheetMetal sample installed with Briscad 'patch_panel.dwg', here i have the bended part with a gray surface, any idea how i can set the Surface Color in SheetMetal.



  • Hello Peter,

    I'm not sure that I competely understood you problem, so sample .dwg and pictures are appreciated to be attached, also you can always open a support request. Also you can read "Managing colors of sheet metal features" in Sheet Metal Turorials - FEATURECOLORS setting toggles feature coloring.

    Best regards,
    Egor ERMOLIN

  • Hi,
    i can solve the Problem with a SupportRequest.
    It has something todo ith the inital Layout of my drawaings.
    Thanks fo the help

  • Hello Peter,

    Great, SR - is the best way to work on such questions, since we can share the .dwg files with privacy; plus opening the bug ticket from SR is the most welcomed way for internal task management (and finally solving the problem). Please note that we were following your SR progress while he was treated by Ilya Tatarnikov. Conclusion: SR is the best way to touch the team and solve the problem :)


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