Hatching issues in V17

When hatching siding around windows on a building elevation in BricsCad V17.1.18 the hatch often ignores the window and fills it in, even when I have the hatch island set to "Outer", whereas when I try to hatch the same boundary using BricsCad V16, it hatches correctly, leaving the windows unhatched. The only workaround I've found is to insert multiple extra lines in my drawing crossing directly through the windows vertically to break up the elevation further (old trick I remember from other cad programs), but that shouldn't be necessary. Have others noticed a difference in hatching in V17 or am I possibly missing a setting that could affect this? Thank you.


  • Compare the HPGAPTOL settings.

  • Roy,
    Thanks for your suggestion. I checked the HPGAPTOL settings in both programs...it's set to 0 in both. The items I'm trying to hatch around are closed rectangle polylines that make up the outer edges of my windows. The funny thing is, a few break the hatch correctly, while others, which are copies of the same polylines, do not break the hatch (it ignores them). I tried copying a few more this morning to test this and found it often hatches over the windows it had originally created an opening in the hatch for, but then hatcheS correctly around the new copied version of the same window...odd. Again, this only happens in V17...in v16 it continues to work fine. I will submit a support request with a sample of the drawing hatched using both v16 and v17 to show the different results. Thanks again.

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