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OpenDCL support for BricsCAD Classic


Can it be that OpenDCL is not supported in Classic mode?
I want to load / use the "Color_swatch" tool but get this error message..

Unable to recognize command "OPENDCL". Please try again.
D:\AutoCAD\RST2015 lokaal\Bricscad\BricsCAD_color_swatch.lsp successfully loaded.

; ----- LISP : Call Stack -----
; [0]...C:CSW <<-- ; ; ----- Error around expression ----- (DCL-LOADPROJECT "color_swatch") ; ; error : no function definition <DCL-LOADPROJECT> ;


  • Dear Hans,

    yes, you will need BricsCAD Pro or higher ... that is, because "Classic" can run Lisp, but not BRX modules as OpenDCL.

    hope this explains a bit ?
    many greetings !

  • thanks for your fast respons
    I was afraid that might be the case. ;-)

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