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Visualstyle 3Dhidden, is there any? (BricsCAD classic)


Am i right visualstyle 3Dhidden is not available in Classic mode
This is what my help files says. att.
As to what google lets me find..

Thanks anyway

no 3d hidden.JPG
1220 x 858 - 152K


  • Please run "_visualstyles" command ... there should be a "3d Hidden" style :-)

    Just wondering - the link in your post refers to V12 BricsCAD :-)
    many greetings !

  • Yes there is..thx!
    How can i make it show on vscurrent ?

  • Hi Hans,


    As "3d Hidden" is an (outdated) legacy style, it is not shown on commandline prompt - but it is accepted for (backward) compatibility ...

    many greetings !

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