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VBA Enabler for BricsCAD Pro 16

I have been programming plenty of VBA / LISP routines for AutoCAD. Yet I'm new to programming in BricsCAD.
We are currently using BricsCAD version Version 16.2.15 (x64)

This 64bit version doesn't seem to support VBA as I get Commandline error:
"VBA is not available in the 64 bit version."

Is there a seperate VBA-Enabler?


  • Dear Martijn,

    with V16, VBA is only available with x86 / 32 bit BricsCAd version.

    But with BricsCAD V17 we switched to new VBA 7.1, available for both x86 and x64 BricsCAd versions
    (you only need to install the VBA runtimes, from ./VBA sub-folder of BricsCAD V17 installation).

    hope this helps a bit ?
    many greetings !

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