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3d Space Mouse Constrain Z


I'm trialing BricsCAD and an addon at the moment.

I'm wondering how I can mainatin Z "up" when using the 3d Space Mouse.

I understand there's a command to do it with you regular mouse, by select "real-time Constrained Sphere"

It seem that "Real-time Sphere" is the default mode when using the space mouse.

Any ideas?


  • Hello Castor,
    This is 3D mouse setting, not BricsCAD.
    Try to use menu button of the 3D mouse and find in the radial menu "show popup menu" sector (may require customization Button - Radial Menus - RM CadMouse) Move the mouse cursor to this sector. The pop-up menu should appear. The last option "Lock Horizon" is exactly what you need.

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  • Ah! Worked perfectly.

    Thank you Ilya!

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