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ADOLISP in Briccad for MDB files

there is a way to read/write .mdb Access files in Bricscad via LISP ???
There is something like ADOLISP in Briccad ?
Thanks in advance :-)


  • Hi Dom,

    it should be possible to access the MS Access files via COM interface, provided by the Odbc/Ado drivers ...
    Have you contacted the author of ADOLISP whether it runs on BricsCAD ?

    I slightly remember to have seen that tool years ago, and from what I recall, it was plain Lisp, so it should work with BricsCAD as well.

    many greetings !

  • Hi Dom,
    i use the ADOLISP library frequently and works with BC16 and BC17 without any problems.
    Just download it from
    You can read and write .mdb Access files !

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