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"Proxy Information" Box on Loading Drawing, v17 only

I've noticed that when using v17.2.04 (x64, Win10) I get the "Proxy Information" box (see attached) with certain files. I've never gotten it before with any other versions of BC with those same files. I can open the same file in 16.2.15 (x64, same computer) and no info box. BTW, usually a proxy object shows up within a square on the screen, but there are no proxy object squares when I open this file.

I have gotten files (primarily from surveyors) who routinely use a civil package, and I get proxy object warnings, but I've never had an issue with other files before.

It's entirely possible that the drawings were in fact created with Autocad, but it seems strange that I'm all of a sudden getting this box with v17 when I never saw it with earlier versions.

I guess it's not really that big a deal (since the only option is "OK"), but it is annoying, especially since it just started showing up.

Anyone else have the same issue? If so, is there a fix for it? TIA

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  • System variable PROXYNOTICE set to 0 will suppress the message. I've added it to our startup routines.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    Obviously that variable is a new one to me.

    Maybe this will be useful info for someone else.

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