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Model Space / Paper Space / Layouts - bit confused

Having downloaded and installed STACAD weld leader tool App. It didn't seem to be working, while trying to annotate welds on a 2D view in a layout. Then I spotted the weld annotations were appearing in model space (model tab). I probably incorrectly assumed when working in a layout tab everything I add (views dims etc) would be automatically in paper space, but looking at the documentation I see there is MSPACE and PSPACE commands. I didn't see anything on the model tab other than the 3D, to suggest I am working in model space when adding to the layout.

The way I am trying to work is mostly bottom up design of 3D models of components and assemblies in model space (model tab), And, 2D engineering drawings, on the layout tabs as required to describe the specification. But now I am wondering if all my 2D views on the layouts are in model space or paper space and should I be using the PSAPCE command after switching to a layout before adding views to get the result I want?

I see there is a CHSPACE command, if I have been adding all my 2D in model space and should switch them to paper space using this command?

Not going to be near my CAD workstation until tonight to experiment, but some advice form anyone working in the engineering domain on how to use model space / layout / paper space to produce engineering drawings from 3D models would be appreciated.


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    If the developer doesn't help you, you can use the CHSPACE command after the STACAD command to move the LAST entity from model space to paper space. You could even make a script or a Lisp custom command which combines the two into a single command with the L parameter built in.


  • A Layout allows you to work either in paperspace or in model space. You can change back and forth with the MSPACE and PSPACE commands, or by double-clicking either inside or outside the viewport boundary, or by clicking on the paper/model indicator button at the bottom of the screen. It has either a P: or an M: followed by the name of the layout.

    Note also that it's possible to make custom commands that can create entities in modelspace even while you're in paperspace. I'm not familiar with STACAD, so I don't know whether it does that.

  • Thanks Anthony,

    Follow how you can switch between model space / paper space, And had a play with moving stuff between paper and model space. The weld annotation App from STACAD still places the annotation in model space, but at least I am sure now I am using it in paper space. I notes CHSPACE command only works from a layout but I cant see the annotation in layout / paper space to select it and try an move it to paper space.

    My be its not intended for use as I am trying to use it to annotate 2d engineering drawings. I have email the developer about it.

  • .... I can't see the annotation in layout / paper space to select it and try an move it to paper space.

    You don't need to see it. After STACAD creates a new annotation, click in the viewport to enter modelspace, start the CHSPACE command, and type "L" to select the Last-created entity. It will be moved to paperspace in the layout which contains that viewport.

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