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Using the Bend table

I would like to use a bend table for sheet metal instead of K-factor.
But I can't find the field as shown in the tutorial.
What's wrong?

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  • Hi,

    undock your mechanical browser - the bend table entry is under the top area with the part number. You have to resize it.


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  • Hi,

    Sorry I don't understand the explanation. I'm just a Bricscad beginner (and not an mechanical engineer). We just want to use bricscad to unfold different customer formats. So we can produce them on our laser.

    The mechanical Browser is visible. I don't see any icon to dock or undock the window. Although I resized it.
    Please help

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  • Hi,

    the browser is visible - but not complete. Please undock and resize the window.


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  • Dear Cees,

    SYSCAD is perfectly right - you should set Bend Table in Mechanical Browser's Sheet Metal section, which appears per document only if so-called "Sheet Metal Context" is initialized for given document. To initialize it, you should have some sheet metal features: either create a flange by SMFLANGEBEND command from planar closed 2D contour, or call SMCONVERT on some existing sheet metal part. After this operation Mechanical Browser will get the "Sheet metal" section. In this section you will see different sheet metal settings which are actual for given .dwg only: other document may have them different. In SETTINGS/Sheet Metal we store either non-document dependent settings, like feature colors, or the settings which will initialize new sheet metal document. For the moment you can see there Unfold Settings: they adjust the appearance of unfolded 2D geometry - and they will be applied to properly setup layers during first SMUNFOLD/SMEXPORT2D command for given document.

    Resume: Mechanical Browser/"Sheet metal" stores settings per-document, that is why bend table is set there; SETTINGS/"Sheet metal" store application/first call settings.

    You can also read about bend table usage in online help: , User guide/Sheet metal/Definitions/Bend table

    Please note, that if you have some issues with Mechanical Browser, open a Support Request on it.

    Best regards,
    Egor ERMOLIN

  • Thank you both. Perfectly clear.
    I'm working on a laptop just to explore the posibilities of Bricscad for our company.
    It is not possible to resize the browser enough; screen is to small. So that was the problem. And the resolution is at its max. So I will test it on one of our CAD-computers.

    kind regards

  • Hi,

    there is another trick to do it. Ilya Tatarnikov wrote this in an older post.

    Use ALT+ArrowUp Key to move the splitter position up. You have to klick on the sheet number before and then ALT+ArrowUp


  • Yes, this works well. Thanks again.

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