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Places bar in the file open dialog

Before I post a support request I thought I'd ask here to see if I'm missing something simple. I have three computers, two with Windows 10 Pro and V17.2.04 and one with Windows 10 LTSB and V17.2.06. All three computers have all four entries for the Places bar set to "1" and have all settings for the File Open dialog identical. I have verified that the registry entries for the current profile show "1" for all four entries for the Places bar.

On the V17.2.04 computers I see "This PC" and the D: drive in the Places bar, which is what we want to see. On the V17.2.06 computer I see "Desktop", "Libraries", "This PC", and "Network" in the places bar.

I can't tell is this is an issue with Windows 10 LTSB, a problem with Bricscad, or something else. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.


  • Dear Martin,

    maybe, use "run as admin" (once or permanently) for the BricsCAD start might help ...
    recently, Microsoft changes required permissions for such "PlacesBar" settings ...
    and/or, you might adjust the access rights for that "PlacesBar" registry key(s) ?

    maybe that helps a bit ...
    many greetings !

  • Thank you for the response. "Run as Administrator" does not help. My log-in is already set as owner of the registry keys and the values for the keys are correct in the registry. Incorrect ownership might prevent changing the key values but I don't see how it could prevent Bricscad from reading the keys. The Windows Pro computers are up to date and the Windows LTSB computer has the 2016 version installed.

  • I found that if I use the Group Policy Editor option to Customize Places Bar the setting in the Open File dialog in Bricscad follow the group policy settings. I'm not sure why some computers here are following the custom settings within Bricscad while another is following group policy settings, but it appears that there is a work-around..

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