Creating Viewports with different Visual Styles via the BIM Section commands

When I create a BIM Section (Elevation type), and go on to place it in a Viewport on a Sheet via the BIM Section set of commands, I can't seem to set the Viewport to a different Visual Style, and by default a Visual Style similar to Hidden Line is created.

Is it possible to change the Visual Style of a Viewport created through the BIM Section commands, for instance to Modelling or Realistic?

I'm using V16, but intend to upgrade to V17 soon.

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • Hi Graeme,

    BIM Section generates a 2D view from the model, because of this changing the visual style of the viewport won't really achieve anything.

    In V17 you can use a command called PLACEVIEW to place views of your model. This is most easily done using the content browser.

    To use you save a VIEW (or create a CAMERA) in the Model, then in your target drawing you would use PLACEVIEW to bring this view in. Essentially it creates a clipped xref, but this allows you to apply different visual styles if you want.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • Many thanks Jason

    I'll give that a go!


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