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License Question

Okay, quick, someone start playing some sad piano music in the background for this. I've been working the past 5 years doing AutoCAD drawings and LISP programming for a manufacturing firm which ran out of work for me. Personally I think it was all the gray hairs in my head but for whatever reason they cut me loose. So I started my own very small, one-man consulting business and cash is extremely limited as in I'm completely broke and I will be going into debt just to purchase any software. If I purchase a copy of Bricsys for my desktop computer, can I install a copy on my laptop as well or will I have to purchase another seat for this?

Best Answer

  • Two installs in allowed as long as both computers are yours and you don't use them at the same time.


  • I use BricsCAD 64bit in German. To understand posts in english forums it would be useful, to have the english version as well.
    Is it possible / allowed to install the english version in 64bit (or at least 32bit) on the same machine without sideefeects and without loosing the second license for homeoffice ?
    Thanks a lot

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