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pickbox flicker

Anyone having an issue with your pickbox flickering when moving about the screen? I have it set to a size of 4.
It's definitely a display issue. When stationary the pickbox shows fine.
(Does not occur in any version of Autocad I have used.)

Bricscad Version 17.2.06 (x64) revision 48543
windows 10 (64 bit)
intel i7-5820k
32g ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX9700


  • crickets....

  • This is a peer-to-peer forum. Please consider filing a support request to have Bricscad Support look at the problem.

    You did not post the version of the video driver you're using. Bricscad works better with some driver versions than with others, just like Autocad does. It may be that you need to either upgrade or downgrade the video driver.

  • I'll check into the driver version. I have sent the same question to Bricscad Support.

    Thanks Martin.

  • Update:
    I have notified Bricsys of the issue. They mention that they have similar issues with the same hardware. The only solution to date was to downgrade my video driver to a version where this does not occur. The only issue is that it will affect my other graphics programs that I use.
    Solution for my situation:
    Stick with Autocad until I either change up my video hardware or to upgrade to the next release of Bricscad cross my fingers that the solution is fixed.

  • Still occurs but not as much. I have had this over multipla machines and
    SR77189 in progress

  • If you have a three prong power plug on your display, try using an adapter to change to a two prong....Displays sometimes flicker on three, but not two. (Like mine)

  • Thanks for the responses. V18 fixed the problem.
    It was a video card issue.

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