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Monochrome.ctb Prints in Color

edited May 2017 in 2D Drafting

I have a drawings which uses many different colored lines which I want to print to PDF with monochrome setting. But no matter how many times I try using either the Bluebeam pdf driver, the M$ driver or the pdf.pc3 driver in Bricscad, I end up with colored lines. I opened the same drawing in AutoCAD and it had no trouble previewing or printing the document with monochrome.

A little more testing I found that if I check "Plot With Plot Styles" I will get the black and white copy that I want but by checking this option it autochecks the "Plot Entity Lineweights" and it's ghosted so I cannot uncheck it. The preview comes up in monochrome but many of the lines are thick because the author of this drawing set it up this way. This makes seeing the drawing clearly an impossible task.



  • Did you assign Index Colors or True Colors to your layers?

  • Preview , hit settings. Choose Monocrome.cbt and edit it . Choose all lines and uncheck "use linewheights"

  • Hallo
    I am having the same issue - cannot print using monochrome.ctb changing all lineweights and colors.
    colors are all set to index colors and I have even recreated monochrome within bricscad from zero.
    its like colors don't apply....


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