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Double click to open DWG in a new instance of Bricscad?

Is there a setting or a startup parameter which will force a new instance of Bricscad when I double click on a DWG file in Explorer in Windows 10?


  • When I saw your question, I tried out the following. Close all instances of BricsCAD, and start BricsCAD again without clicking/opening any drawings. Type SDI in the command bar and set the value to 1 (on). Close BricsCAD and click on the DWG files you want to open. It should now open only one drawing in each instance.

    The SDI (Single Document Interface) regulates whether or not multiple drawings can be opened in a single interface. It can be switched off again with the same process as explained above, setting the value to 0 (off).

  • Thank you. That is exactly what I would have done in Autocad, but Bricscad still has "Readonly because not yet implimented" in the settings dialog for SDI so I did not try the setting. There has also been no entry for SDI in the release notes. Good to know that SDI works now.

  • edited June 2017

    Open settings and in the search box type in SDI then press the Enter key or access it via the command line.

  • I see the 'Read only because not yet implemented' message in the settings dialog that you are referring to, but it seems to work if you use the command bar. You will also see the changes in the settings dialog after making the changes in the command bar. And it definitely opens single drawings in each instance. Probably work in progress...

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