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Re-arranging the Tool Palette ?

Can't seem to find it in the HELP.
How do you move tools/block images with-in the tool palette?
Not palette to palette but just re-order the blocks.



  • Alan,

    I don't use tool palettes, but if I did I'd probably edit the .btc file in a text editor.

  • In my v14, if you right click on any tool pallet area, you will see the "customize" option on the pop-up menu. Once there, the windows shows a variety of different customizations areas in the tabs across the top. If you choose Toolbars, there will be a list of all tool bars on the left.

    You can edit the existing toolbars by clicking the + next to its name and right-clicking and selecting delete. You can change the icon's order by dragging them in that list.

    Personally, rather than change an existing BricsCAD toolbar, I suggest creating a new one, perhaps with your name on it. Right click anywhere on a root item from the list on the left, and choose "create new partial CUI file". I have "Joes Toolbars". Save that CUI file into a directory outside of BricsCAD, so that it does not get removed when you do a major upgrade. The next step is to create the actual toolbar. Right click under the "Joes Toolbars" on the list, and choose "Insert Toolbar". I have one named "Joes Views". Them right-click under that and choose "Append Toolbar". The new window that pops up will show all existing commands in the list, but you can also create your own new macro this way. You can drag existing icons on the list to change the order.

    Note that creating a tool bar is not done by dragging icons to a tool bar on the screen, like in some other Windows programs.


  • Thanks, I have a custom Palette but no Plus Sign.
    See attached

    BC Palette.JPG
    459 x 737 - 59K
  • Your menus look very different from my v14, so I don't know what to say. In a new item on that list, you would right-click on it to add a new tool bar, and then you right click the new toolbar name to add the new command. But, the question marks on the the entire list of menus hints that something is wrong, or that you have to do something first to make them show up.

    In my install on my Windows 7 machine, I have to run BricsCAD as administrator to permit me to make any permanent changes to the menus. I have edited the shortcut that starts BricsCAD and there is a place to check for "Run as administrator".


  • In The help file they also show question marks.
    Maybe the broke the customize options.
    I sent a request to Tech Support.


    BC Palette2.JPG
    612 x 727 - 62K
  • Tech support answered:
    Please try the next: drag and drop the necessary tool on the desired place on the panel. The tool itself is not moved interactively, just the mouse with a copy symbol, but after you release the mouse button, tool will be replaced .

    My reply:
    So, I had been trying to drag to the open space between the tools where I wanted the new location & it doesn't work.
    You must drag to the center of the tool you want pushed down in the list. Is this in the HELP file somewhere?

  • This procedure is not in the documentation. Perhaps they will add it in the future.

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