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Unable to add materials to a drawing in V17

I've recently upgraded to V17 and I've just downloaded a material (Plaster20) from the Library. When trying to add it to my drawing I get the message 'Could not add material to the current drawing: Plaster20'. This feature seemed to work fine in V16.

When opening a drawing in V17, which was created in V16, I can view and assign the materials I'd previously added to the drawing in V16 - I just can't seem to add other materials in V17. I've also tried to add materials to a drawing created in V17 and I still get the same message.

Any thoughts much appreciated!



  • I cannot even download any materials: "Herunterladen der Material Dateien ist fehlgeschlagen: Concrete33"

    The folder /var/bricsys/RenderMaterials/materials is totally empty. For every material I want to use I have to attach a third party texture file to the drawing.

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