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Little-known options when importing from OpenStreetMap (Spatial Manager for BricsCAD)

The project OpenStreetMap is considered a prominent example of volunteered geographic information and has become the “Wikipedia” of spatial and territorial information. It gives you free access to tons of geo-spatial data, and ‘Spatial Manager for BricsCAD’ allows you to import it into BricsCAD drawings in a filtered and controlled way

Blog post & videos:

SPM Import OSM options (mer).png
800 x 600 - 388K


  • Since you have started a post on the subject, in the interest of informing forum viewers of all their choices in this area, here are other products to consider.


    And there is even a free tool to convert DWG files to KML.

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    Very nice, but If you consider this information interesting to the members of the forum the logical thing would be to open another thread before

    Comparing 'Spatial Manager for BricsCAD' with these applications in this particular matter, or it proves you do not have the faintest idea what you're talking about, or you just want to misinform the users, or both, which is most likely

    In view of your behavior in this thread and some others, you must definitely be a guy with a lot of time to lose. We think it would be better for all the people if you spend this useless time by posting your own information and not getting entangled in the threads of other people

    Finally, we must tell you that if you consider this type of threads only as surreptitious advertising (we already answered this to you in another thread in which you meddle), all you get with your comments is to increase the number of visits of the users

    Have a nice day, but please forget us and our threads

  • ... you consider this type of threads only as surreptitious advertising ...

    Yes, I do, see you next time with an even bigger surprise.

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    As said in another thread, out of respect for the users of these forums, it is necessary to stop here and this is the last reply to your continuous provocations

    In addition, your threats cause a little fear and today it is difficult to know where the real danger comes from

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