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Rotating text does not show outline (dragmode) in paperspace


I have opened a drawing and am annotating it in paperspace; When I rotate or drag the text I can't see the ghosted text to see where to put it. I have tried dragmodes and have compared it with another drawing opened simultaneously where the drag mode does work, so it must be a FILE setting rather than a PROGRAM setting. Versions 16.2.15, Windows 10, 16 bit.


685 x 367 - 39K


  • Come on guys - I am on version 18 and still don't see my text when I drag and it is a pain in the ass!!! Please respond.

  • Is your text inside a viewport which has a rendered visual style? Does it help to set the visual style to 2dWireframe?

  • Thanks for responding. Text is in paperspace... I see that the drag mode works in model space but not in paperspace. All my text is in Paperspace.

  • Hello Alan,

    could you please file a support request and attach a sample drawing that allows to reproduce the missing dynamic display while manipulating text? Our analysts will be glad to investigate the issue and help you out.

  • I believe I have the same problem with both text and objects in paperspace in V18. I never had this issue in previous versions. File is brand new and created in V18 and not created in an older version. Copy or move of any object (text or shape) while in paperspace does not show ghosted item when moving. Makes it darn near impossible to see where you are going to place the item. Also in paperspace, any text item does not highlight or otherwise indicate that it is selected. In model space, text selection is highlighted and ghosting when moving works for both objects and text.

    Has there been a resolution to this?

  • @alan
    Check the 'Visual style' property of the Viewport (of the paperspace within which you are working and within which you are annotating).
    Set that 'Visual style' property to: '2dWireframe' or 'Wirefrane'. After modifying that property, you should find that when moving, rotating,.. entities you now get the expected visual 'drag' feedback.

  • Uh oh - a side question - I thought I'd had a 100% clear answer that '2D Wireframe' is the only 'native' style that does all the tricks, and all the others incl 'Wireframe' are mere OpenGL fashion-items and need to be used with lower expectations? Yet in this present respect 'Wireframe' is what - a halfway house?

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