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I have a problem with deleting linetypes that are not in use.
Qselect also tells me, no items with the certain linetype, but they don´t disappear from "linetypes" in the drawingexplorer.
Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.

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  • shurely they are used. Maybee in Blocks

  • No, they are not.
    I deleted all blocks and layouts - nothing.
    And, there is the option, to set all content to another linetype, it should be possible anyway...
    Wanna try? See attachment.

  • there are hidden Objects in the drawing - see picture below. For difficult purgings you can check out my program DWGClear ( its free for a period of 30 Days.

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  • hello Martin,

    what is it? How comes? How to make visible?


  • how it comes? Put on my Glaskugel ;-)
    make it visible:

    (vlax-for BLOCK (vla-get-blocks
                          ) ;_ end of vla-get-activedocument
      (vlax-for ITEM BLOCK
        (if(and(vlax-property-available-p ITEM 'VISIBLE)
               (=(vla-get-Visible ITEM):vlax-false))
              (vl-catch-all-apply 'vla-put-visible(list item :vlax-true)))
  • This is really weird!
    Never heard of invisible stuff!
    But unfortunately it still didn´t solve my problem...
    Qselect - linetype - certain linetype - "no selection"...
    Do you have another idea?



  • @Sascha Boskovski:

    Your issue is the result of a BricsCAD bug: SR 65267 fixed in BricsCAD V17.1.19. In older versions VP layer override data is not properly cleaned up when viewports are erased.

    My BKG_Viewport can fix the issue. When the .des file is loaded layers are checked and override data is cleaned up:
    Layer override data cleaned up for 78 layer(s)

  • Hello Roy,

    I have no issue with viewports.
    I don´t get rid of not used linetypes.
    Is your tool still the right one to solve my problem?


  • edited June 2017

    @Sascha Boskovski:
    Yes, my tool will fix your issue (I have tested with your file).
    The VP layer override data left behind by BricsCAD references one or more linetypes rendering them 'unpurgeable'.

  • Hm, I might not understand the tool, but it doesn´t work here...
    Precisly how must I do?


  • : ._OPEN
    Drawing name: C:\Downloads\Zeichnung2.dwg
    : PURGE
    Purge:  BAtch/All/Blocks/Dimstyles/LAyers/LTypes/MAterials/MLinestyles/Plotstyles/STyles/Tablestyles/Visualstyles/Regapps: lt
    Enter name(s) to purge <*>: 
    Verify each name to be purged? [Yes/No] <Y>:n
    No un-referenced linetypes.
    : (LOAD "D:/LispProjects/BKG_Viewport/InstallSet/BKG_Viewport.des")
    BKG_Viewport - Program version 20160307 
    Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Roy Klein Gebbinck - All rights reserved 
    Use:  BKG_ViewportAlign  BKG_ViewportRotate  BKG_ViewportScale  BKG_ViewportLayer  BKG_ViewportMatch 
    Or:   BVPA               BVPR                BVPS               BVPL               BVPM 
    Layer override data cleaned up for 78 layer(s) 
    : PURGE
    Purge:  BAtch/All/Blocks/Dimstyles/LAyers/LTypes/MAterials/MLinestyles/Plotstyles/STyles/Tablestyles/Visualstyles/Regapps: lt
    Enter name(s) to purge <*>: 
    Verify each name to be purged? [Yes/No] <Y>:n
    Linetype STRICHPUNKT purged.
    Linetype STRICH purged.
    Linetype STRICH2 purged.
  • @Roy:
    Thanks a lot. Your tool worked.
    You said it would be a bug that is fixed in V17, but in V17 I was also not able to purge the unused layer...

    Thank you. Strange thing with the invisible objects. Your tool seems to help. But: it effects dynamic blocks! The visibility-settings of my dynamic blocks changed automatically and also one of my attribute-blocks was destroyed.
    Just to let you know.


  • @Sascha Boskovski:
    Nice to hear that the tool worked for you.

    The bug fix may consist of two parts:

    1. Avoid leaving behind override data when a VP is erased.
    2. Cleaning up bad override data from older versions.

    Maybe only the first part was executed, or maybe the second part has become part of the _Audit command? I do not have access to V17 at the moment so I can't test this myself.

  • Hello Roy,

    thanks again.
    No, it´s not part of the audit-command.
    Has anyone else an idea?


  • So it seems the 2nd part was not implemented. You should submit a support request.

  • the DWGClear Tool comes up with an Dialog box. If you select also the xdata purge toggle, there comes an Warnig for loosing dynamic properties of Blocks. If you select only the Toggle for Linetypes purging, everythink is fine.

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