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Parametric 3D objects?

I just had some time today to do some quick tests with BricsCAD and I tried to do a basic parametric 3D object, respectively a cube but I can't figure-out how to do it. I don't understand how to apply parametric measurements on a 3D object. In 2D seems that everything it is working, but in 3D the things are different. Seems that it is not possible to apply the 2D constraints and dimension to parametrize 3D objects. If somebody knows how to do this, please help.

Also I seen that into the Sheet Metal workbench there is an option called "Parametrize" that basically it is generating automatically all the needed constraints and dimensions and transforms the regular sheet metal object into a parametric one. Will be great to have the same options for 3D models.


  • 2D constraints do not apply to 3D entities. You need to use 3D constraints instead. Basic information can be found in the BricsCAD Help under User Guide / Creating Entities / Direct Modeling / 3D Constraints. This topic contains links to the various 3D constraint commands in the Command Reference. 3D constraints are managed in the Mechanical Browser panel: place the cursor over a toolbar, then right click and choose Mechanical Browser in the context menu. In attachment I add a model containing a constraint box: the width, length and height of the box are controlled by distance constraints applied to each pair of parallel faces.

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